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Getting Started


You can navigate Shortcat's documentation with Shortcat if you are using a supported browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox).

Activate Shortcat with your activation key combination (default is Cmd + Shift + Space), and type basics, then press Enter.


Once you've downloaded Shortcat, you should move it into your /Applications folder otherwise you may encounter issues with updates.

Launching Shortcat for the first time will show you the Welcome screen.

Accessibility permissions

Shortcat requires permission to use the Accessibility API.

On launch, Shortcat will request permissions to use Accessibility if it does not have it.

For more detailed instructions and screenshots, see Enabling Accessibility Access.

Note: Some times you may need to delete the entry for Shortcat, then re-request it for it to work.

Configuration options


Hit up @shortcatapp on Twitter if you need help.