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Shortcat's goal is to minimize the time and cognitive load between when you want to perform an action, and the action being performed. Shortcat provides you with various actions to perform right from your keyboard.

Mouse actions

The first type of actions that Shortcat gives you access to is mouse actions. You can simulate various mouse actions using just your keyboard.

Let's review which ones you have available:

Left click: Press Enter

In most cases, this is a click on the element's midpoint. If it's a link, it will open the link. If it's a button, it will perform the default action for that button. If the element is a menu it will open the menu.

Gif showing Shortcat left-clicking

Double click: Press Enter two times

To simulate a double click, press Enter two times in quick session, like you would click your mouse twice to do a double click.

One example is double-clicking to open a file on your Mac. An alternative method is opening Shortcat, searching for the application you want to open, and then hitting Enter two times to open it.

Gif showing Shortcat double-clicking

Right click: Hold Control and press Enter

In many cases, this will open the native macOS contextual menu. In other cases, it will default to that application's default action for right clicking. For example, right clicking on Figma will open up its own contextual menu. While this menu is open, you can then open Shortcat again and filter through to whatever is in the menu.

Gif showing Shortcat right-clicking

Modifier click: Press Enter while holding the modifier key

Shortcat gives you access to a variety of other simulated clicks by holding a modifier key when pressing enter.

For example, hold Command and press Enter to click on an element with the command modifier.

Gif showing Shortcat command clicking

If you click on a link using this modifier, it will open the link in a new tab.

Another example is pressing Shift and press Enter in order to select multiple items.

Gif showing Shortcat command clicking

Window switching