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Configuration Options

Shortcat provides you with a few configuration options to customize your experience of using the application.

To access all the configuration options available to you, click on the Shortcat icon on your Mac's menubar and click on Preferences option. You can also open the preferences menu directly by pressing Command + , while Shortcat is open.

You can also quit the Shortcat app completely by pressing Command + Q while Shortcat is open and focused.

Let's review the configuration options that are available to you:

Startup options

The launch at login checkbox allows to enable or disable Shortcat launching when you start your Mac. Our recommendation is that you keep this box checked so Shortcat is always available.

Activation Shortcat

This is the keyboard shortcut that you'll use to activate shortcut. By default Shortcat will set the activation shortcut to Command+Shift+Space. You'll get an opportunity to change this when you first install the application, and you can always change it here in the preferences menu.

Note: Shortcat's activation shortcut cannot conflict with Spotlight's existing activation shortcut unless you change Spotlight's activation shortcut first.

Show shortcuts speed

Shortcat automatically creates black-on-yellow labels and assigns them to all elements. These 1-2 letter shortcuts make it easy for you to quickly type those letters to select an element.

By default, it takes 2 seconds for these labels to appear, but you can modify the time to take longer or less time to appear based on your preferences.

The available options are: Immediately, after 200ms, after 500ms, after 1 second, after 2 seconds, after 5 seconds, and after input.

After input means these labels will not display until you type something into the search box.

To learn more about your searching options, visit the Search page.