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Continuous Mode

Continuous mode keeps Shortcat active after actioning an element. You can enable it in the preferences.


This feature is in alpha and is likely to have bugs.


Continuous Mode is designed for scenarios where Shortcat is used to drive an application continuously, like when browsing websites or getting around applications.

After actioning, Shortcat waits for 500ms, then reactivates, triggering a fresh reindex. However, this tends to not be enough for slow interfaces, or navigating websites. To get around this issue, when typing a query, Shortcat checks the tree age and triggers another index if the tree is considered stale.

You can trigger a manual reindex with Cmd+R.

Continuous Mode is designed to be used with hints being displayed after input.


When Continuous Mode is turned on, Shortcat deactivates under the following conditions:

  • Esc is pressed
  • Shortcat's invocation key is pressed
  • A TextField is focused
  • A Menu opens

Known issues

  • Shortcat sometimes does not deactivate in time when a menu is opened. If you know a reliable way to track when a menu opened system-wide, please get in touch!
  • In certain scenarios, Shortcat does not regain focus after actioning. This is likely a timing issue. If you have a reliable reproduction, please get in touch.