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Manipulate macOS masterfully, minus the mouse.

Download Shortcat

or brew install shortcat

v0.11.4 โ€“ Released Jan 31, 2023
macOS 11, 12. Apple Silicon / Intel

The universal command palette for your Mac.

๐Ÿ” Shortcat indexes your Mac's user interface and makes them available to you in a powerful command palette.

๐Ÿชค Click buttons, focus text fields, invoke menu commands, switch windows, and more; no mouse required.

๐Ÿš€ Shortcat enables you to operate your Mac faster, and with less cognitive overhead.

Video recording of Shortcat being used to add custom DNS override inside Network preferences.

Click with your keyboard

Hate needing to move your hand off the keyboard for that pesky button? Shortcat enables you to access UI elements with just a few keystrokes, so you can stay in the flow.

Type what you want to click. "ok" for an OK button.

Supports clicking, right clicking, double clicking, and clicking with modifiers.

Search and summon windows

Shortcat lets you search window titles for more precise multi-tasking. No more Command + Tab and Command + Backticks!

Shortcat being used on the Github site to click the Pull Request tab

Works in your browser, too!

Shortcat works in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, as well as some Chromium-based browsers like Vivaldi.

Navigate around your web apps and websites by just typing what you want.

Shortcat being used Visual Studio Code to select an entry in the Project Navigator

Electron app compatibility

Shortcat works with most Electron apps, like Visual Studio Code, Home Assistant, Signal, 1Password 8, just to name a few!

Shortcat's effectiveness may vary depending on application's Accessibility implementation.

Shortcat being used in Xcode to search menus

Search menus

Having trouble remembering that menu shortcut? Shortcat exposes the frontmost application's menu items to you with a lightning-fast fuzzy search, allowing you to operate your apps faster than before.

Add a Swift package to Xcode while not taking your hands off the keyboard. Shortcat makes this possible!

Shortcat being in Tweetbot to insert emojis

Fuzzy search emojis

Frustrated with the stock emoji picker? Shortcat has an emoji mode! Paired with Shortcat's fuzzy search engine, you can insert emojis faster with less keystrokes, and more labels.

Emojis can be matched by a variety of labels. For example, ๐Ÿ’ฉ can be matched with "poop", "turd", "crap", and more!

Stay in the flow

Shortcat enables you to quickly map your intents to actions. Stay in the zone by saving precious seconds every time you move your hands between the keyboard and your pointing device.

Shortcat's goal is to minimise time and cognitive load between when you want to perform an action, and the action being performed.

Fuzzy search

Shortcat utilises a fuzzy search algorithm pair with synonym support to help you find what you want to do, faster.

For example, "Delete item" can be matched by "delete", "remove", "clear", "destroy".

Download Shortcat

or brew install shortcat

v0.11.4 โ€“ Released Jan 31, 2023
macOS 11, 12. Apple Silicon / Intel